There's an awful lot going on here...

This site was developed in order for friends, colleagues, and complete strangers to explore the varied wanderings of an avid multi-tasker.  Over the past thirty years, Rees Shad has wandered the world exploring his creative interests and developing ways in which others could do the same.  From song/writer and designer, to installation artist, and more recently college professor. He is always elbow deep in expressing himself, and if given the slightest encouragement will drag all innocent bystanders along for the ride.

A number of audacious collaborations are ongoing. Most prevalent on the radar is Rees’ work with Professor Catherine Cannon and the Hostos Hive Cooperative (of which Rees is a founding member) on the National Science Foundation funded Game-Framed Math & Science Initiative.  Here the professors are using game play and game design to augment traditional teaching methodologies in science and mathematics. The project has involved the development of over 20 board, card, and LARP games.

In addition Rees has had an extraordinary year musically. Over the past year, the track 'The Mrs. & Me' from the Rees Shad Band's 1995 release "The Riggley Road Stories" has become popular on SPOTIFY, receiving over 4 million spins! This has encouraged Rees' creativity in the studio, and he has recently released several recording projects as a result. These include one with old friend and guitar wizard Sixto Carlos “Butch” Roxas recorded by engineer Dylan Shad when Rees & Dylan travelled to Manila to visit Butch in the Summer of 2013… a reunion that took thirty years to happen and which yielded some lovely new material. The album, titled "Half A World Away"was released in July. You can check out a short documentary on the making of the album here.

In May he and long time collaborators Jeremiah Lowengard, Alden Ludlow, & Scott Marcus released their band IOH's debut "History of Interesting," and the latest Fester Spunk project "Tech Tonic" came out in March. This last album features elements from the score he composed for the Hostos Repertory Company’s production of Song of Extinction along with a set of songs by some of Fester’s favorite composers, and with several brilliant musician friends sitting in.

Rees and Dylan have also been up at Paul Antonell'sClubhouse recording studio working on the next RS record (tentatively titled ‘Songs for Isaac’). Pals John Arrucci, Edwin Garcia, Don Harris,Tony Aielo,Juliet Kleber, Rob Kovacs,Robert Metcalf, & Jay Turner all joined in for what is truning into a wonderful album.

Shad has designed and implemented media programs for the City University of New York in Graphic Design, Animation, Audio Production, and Game Design.  He is currently working on the development of a Media Business incubator in the South Bronx with the help of a NY State 20/20 grant funded to Hostos Community College, Lehman College, and the Maucauly Honors College.

Without a doubt all of this will keep Rees from practicing his trumpet… but there’s always that odd electronics project waiting in his shop.


Who is he?

Currently Chair of the Humanities Department at Hostos Community College, where he is an associate professor teaching several media software courses, as well as media history, design fundamentals, usability, game development, and sound design.

Shad is an artist and filmmaker, composing and recording music at his Stressless Sound Recording Studio. He is constantly exploring unique intersections of his varied interests in the arts, design, communication, gaming, and academics.